Luxury Condos Planned for Downtown Birmingham | The Oakland Press

By Megan Semeraz, The Oakland Press
POSTED: 06/25/14, 12:17 PM EDT | UPDATED: ON 07/07/2014 0 COMMENTS

Joey Jonna, founder of Jonna Luxury Homes in Birmingham, said he plans to construct a new 49,000 square-foot mixed use development on Old Woodward. The building will feature high-end retail and luxury condos. Tuesday June 24, 2014 Megan Semeraz-The Oakland Press
A new 49,000 square-foot, mixed-use development space is slated to be built in downtown Birmingham.

Joey Jonna, founder of Jonna Luxury Homes, said the new development will be called “The Forefront.” The first floor will be retail space, while the second and third floors will feature 11 luxury condos.

Jonna said he bought the Greens Art Supply building, an aging building located at 400 South Old Woodward Avenue, which is two blocks south of Brown Street. It is located in the Principal Shopping District of Birmingham.