• Explore the latest high-tech luxury condominium experience AtTheForefront.com coming to Birmingham in 2015.
  • Our homes meet the demands of today's dynamic lifestyles.
  • Each of our homes offer the finest amenities for the most tasteful buyers.
  • Discover finishes and state of the art technology that are simultaneously sophisticated and practical.
  • Each a masterpiece in their own right, Jonna Luxury Homes translate beyond aesthetics to maintain both function and form.
  • On the cutting edge of home design and technology, Jonna Luxury Homes is dedicated to providing sleek, stylish, efficient homes suited for everyday living.

Where Lifestyle Meets Luxury

Our mission is to bring an unparalleled residential building process to market through the careful selection of property and the finely curated use of available materials, design, and finishes.

We invite you to contact us to discuss current building projects for specifications, floor plans, and elevation selections.

I was looking for a builder who understood my lifestyle. Jonna Luxury Homes' attention to detail and commitment to perfection resulted in a state of the art space that exceeded my expectations. Everything I imagined - they made happen. I couldn't be happier and more proud of what we accomplished here.
Jonna Luxury Homes managed and executed on my home as it it were their own. The Jonna standard is what most builders would consider above and beyond. Their construction process was extremely timely, and we were treated with respect and consideration every step of the way. Our home is wonderful - we couldn't be happier
This was my first home building process. I came in knowing nothing expecting to be overwhelmed. Instead, I was met with a stress-free experience with the best team of professionals money can buy.